Ergonomic Kitchen Design Tips For Every Homeowner

Your home kitchen is considered the heart of your living space. It is where you lovingly prepare meals for your family and cook their favorite food. For cooking enthusiasts, it is considered a place where they can fulfill their passions.

Given the importance of this space, it is a must that you design it in a way that it will not only allow you to cook, it should also make preparing meals easier and stress-free. If you are in the process of revamping your kitchen interior design, here are some pointers that would make it ergonomic:


  1. Find the right appliances


Finding the right kitchen appliance is not just about the functionality, you also need to find a kitchenware that has the ideal dimension for your kitchen, especially the height. You need to take into account the height of people using the stove and other kitchen appliances. For adults, the acceptable kitchenware height is 15 inches above the countertop. If you are involving your kids in the cooking process, scouting something below the countertop height is appropriate and ideal.


  1. Keep the kids in mind


Speaking of kids, it is a must that the kitchen space that you will design will take into account the safety of your children. Although they might not use the kitchen the way you do, there will chance when they will visit this place to get a cookie or a snack. Be sure that all the amenities inside are child-proofed – from the corners of the countertop to the location of knife storage. This would prevent any kitchen accident in the future that may involve your kid.


  1. Create a perfect layout


When designing an ergonomic kitchen, you need to take into consideration your movement within the space. You need to identify the areas you usually visited and your cooking procedure. Once you identify these details, it would be easier for you to create a kitchen layout that would address your cooking needs, including cooking and preparing meals conveniently.


  1. Streamline your steps


Another aspect that you need to factor in when designing an ergonomic kitchen is the number of step you are taking when you are moving in the kitchen space. The distance between the cabinets and the stove can affect the way you cook. Streamlining these wasted steps would help you to cook better.


  1. Do not forget recycling


Sustainable kitchen spaces are considered an ergonomic space since it take into account the welfare of people inside and the environment. Be sure to include recycling features in the design to promote a clean and eco-friendly kitchen space.

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