Innovative Flower Arrangements & Accents For Modern Brides

Back then, couples try to follow the traditional route and go for common wedding details that every brides and grooms-to-be pick out from the usual options. But modern couples, especially brides, want their wedding to be special and memorable. That is why they always aim to go for unconventional choices, instead of using pedestrian options, including their wedding flowers in Dubai.

If you aim to be a different kind of bride in your wedding day, here are some pointers that might help make your wedding bouquet and flower arrangement a standout:

  • Use multi-colored blooms

Break the tradition by veering away from the usual single-colored bouquet. Modern brides try to go for multi-colored floral arrangement to make them more exceptional-looking on their wedding day. Most wedding florists today try to incorporate different kinds of colors and types of blooms so they can produce an interesting mix. If you want something different, try a colorful floral arrangement for your wedding day.

  • Put in something sentimental

Some brides go all out with their wedding bouquet by making it look sensational. But a wedding bouquet peppered with sentimental accents will be remembered for ages. Most brides who do this try to incorporate a certain memory of a loved one so they can be with them on their wedding day. If you are in the same situation, try to think of a symbolism that would commemorate your loved one in a simple way.

  • Use other materials

Some wedding florists today try to veer away from traditional kind of bouquet and try to incorporate other materials to make the wedding bouquet and floral arrangement more interesting. Some wedding florists try to put non-floral materials like paper and cloth. Some even try totally different kind of wedding bouquet by using entirely different material other than flowers.

  • Put in some greens

Some brides prefer to have an all-flower bouquet, but some brides today try to be different by utilizing more of the leaves, making the bouquet look more tropical. If your wedding theme somewhat lies in that direction, then a leafy bouquet might be an ideal choice.

  • Use some produce

Another material that some wedding florist try to utilize are fresh produce such as apples and oranges. This material is usually used for tropical-themed affairs. Again, if that is what you are aiming for, then why not go for fresh fruits being serve, not as a salad, but as a your wedding centerpiece.

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