Simple Tips On Designing A Room For Couples

If you are a single individual living alone in your apartment, it is quite easy to make decisions around the house, especially with the design. But if you are living with someone, it is another story. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration, like your partner’s preferences.


If you and your partner will be moving in soon, here are some tips you can follow when designing a bedroom for two.


  • Talk to your partner

The first thing that you need to do is ask your partner for his or her opinion. It would be very hard to make a decision with the design if you will be doing it alone. Besides, your partner may have some inputs with regards to the design, especially he will be also using it. Sit down with your partner and talk. Ask him what he wants in terms of the look. It would be best if you can have an interior designer with you so he can marry the concepts and room ideas that the two of you want.


  • Compromise

Being in a relationship means that you need to compromise with everything, including your bedroom design and the furnishings that you will be putting on it. This can be a bit tricky. For instance, choosing the mattress. You and your partner have different levels of comfort. Buying two beds would be irrational and also expensive. The trick here is to pick the best memory foam mattress that can address both your needs. It will be a long battle, but to make it easier, consult with a mattress specialist and tell him both your needs. He would be able to recommend one that would address both your concerns.


  • Update your partner

If you are the one in-charge with the room decorating, be sure to keep your partner in the know on what is happening. This is to show that you are serious on giving him a say on the whole process. He might not be as involved as you on this project, but keeping him in the loop would make him feel that he is part of it. You can also ask for his help should you feel that you are too overwhelmed on handling it.


  • Always make it for two

Since you will be living with someone now, everything should come in twos. For the bedroom furnishings, do not forget to get furniture that will cater to both your needs. Visit the nearest furniture shops in Dubai to see what they can offer that would answer both your furnishing needs.