Tips On Creating Vehicle Wrap Graphics For Your Company Vehicles

Vehicle branding is one way to boost your company’s marketing initiatives. Since the fleet is always on the road, more and more people will see the design and know what your company is all about. It is also a great way to spread the word about your contact information. In no time, your company will be top of mind amongst your target audience.

But the success or failure of this initiative falls on the design of the decal. Many companies that provides vehicle branding in Dubai would agree that an excellent graphics would pique the interest of people who will see the decal. If you are in the process of creating a design for your vehicle decal, here are some things that you need to remember:


  • Think of a concept

Every design starts with the concept, even a vehicle branding. The concept would summarize the all the ideas and message that your team you want to convey on the design. Meet with your team and brainstorm. To give you some visual reference, you can check out pegs of company fleet with vehicle wrapping, so your team will have an idea on how it will look like on your fleet. Do not proceed with the actual design without a concept.


  • Make the design arresting

Once the team comes up with a concept, it is now time for the graphic artist to work. Based on the concept, the graphic artist would create a series of studies for approval. When checking the studies, pick the one with arresting and eye-catching design. The purpose of the vehicle decal is to get the attention of people outside, so it is a must that the design is excellent enough to turn heads on the street.


  • Do not forget the function

Companies providing car tinting in Dubai always take in consideration the functionality of the vehicle when creating the design of vehicle decals. It is still a priority that the driver would still be able to see the road despite the design. Remind your graphic artist about this so he can create an appropriate design that would take into account such limitation,


  • Pay attention to the branding

Sometimes, the outrageous design is too overwhelming that the branding can no longer be seen or appreciated. Remind your graphic artist that the branding should be apparent on the design.


  • Make the important details visible

One of the purpose of a vehicle decal is to inform the public about the company. Given that purpose, the contact information of the company should be visible enough for the public to see, when they spot the fleet on the road.