Tips on making your website survive in an industry marked by radical changes

Today’s is a time of extreme competition and no one can afford to just leisure time away. People now-a-days rarely go on holidays and even the weekends are spent preparing for Mondays. People try to think over all the mistakes they have made and all the improvements that are still possible. It is the same for SEO experts who try to analyze the scope of SEO and the risks that need to be taken into account especially because of the drastic changes and introductions in Google’s algorithms.

Let us have a look at certain factors that are crucial in determining if you will survive these radical changes:

  1. Quality

Even if everything changes or nothing does, the most important aspect of your website will always be the content. As suggested by the best social media influencers in the Middle East, you must always ensure that the value and quality of content is never compromised upon. Google has clearly stated how important it is to focus on the quality of content in the coming years. The basic parameters to judge the quality of content in respect to a website are:

  1. The uniqueness of the topic
  2. Amount of richness in the information provided in the content
  3. Content marketing

The next big thing in the industry is being speculated to be Content Management. With researchers claiming that SEO is dead, content marketing is being called the New SEO. Many people might disagree with that but it is definitely true to a certain extent. The reason for this is that content management does attract backlinks an also adds more value for the readers. It is also more challenging. The reason for this is that you are responsible for generating quality content, circulating it and then making sure that it is published on a wide scale. It must have enough social signals that could generate a substantial SEO value. Thus, a firm content management strategy is essential for getting better SEO value in the coming times.

  1. AuthorRank

This has emerged to be a vital metric that helps to decide SEPRs. You must however note that studies about its value are still ongoing. You must realize that irrespective of the speculations, AuthorRank is guaranteed to add value and creditability to your site in the coming years and that is what is most important for all webmasters.

  1. Social signals

Many people are unaware of the fact that social signals have now been accepted to be valid factors for ranking purposes. This decision has been the outcome of many debates and discussions. You should note that in the many years to come, they will play a major role in this industry. In fact, many of the webmasters already acknowledge that tweets, shares, mentions and now the +1s play a very important role in a site’s rankings

  1. Media

The age of emails has actually passed and now is the time when videos and images are ruling the world. This is not just because we want them to be. This is because most of the search results include videos and that is what fetches them higher rankings than the normal text-only results. Click here for more information.