Kinds of Baby Shoes You Need To Know About

Being a new parent can give you a headache, especially when dealing with baby’s outfit and footwear. Chances are you know the common items but not the different types, which is pretty important. If you are doing some baby shopping for your little one’s footwear, here are the different types that you must know:

  1. Crib shoes

Crib shoes are also known as the newborn shoes. A lot of parent think that this kind of baby shoes is not the necessary for newborns as they there still not capable of walking or even crawling. But having some extra newborn shoes will keep your baby extra warm, especially during cold season.


When buying newborn shoes in an online baby shop in UAE be sure that they are comfy and lightweight. Although your little ones is still not walking, they are starting to get their little feet up for practice. Heavy and uncomfortable shoes will make it difficult for them to get their legs up.


  1. Pre walking baby shoes

Pre walking shoes or baby cruiser shoes are usually purchased when your baby turn 6 months old. This is the time when your baby is exerting effort to crawl and learn to stand up, in preparation to walking and running. Since you are prepping them for some serious practice outside their cribs, giving them a pair of baby cruiser with good traction and non-skid soles can help them practice standing up.


Like any other baby shoes, be sure is it comfortable and easy to wear, especially now that your baby is going through a transition phase.


  1. Walking shoes

Walking shoes is definitely one of the most crucial pair that you will buy your little bub. Why? It is because this pair will help them speed up to their walking. At this point, your baby will be having his first shy steps until he learns to have a steady walking or running phase. Your choice of baby walking shoes is crucial at this stage. For one, his walking shoes would help him get a good grip of the surfaces, which is why the sole should be non-skip.

Second, it will also protect those little feet from harm now that he is practicing to walk. There will be lot of times when your kid’s feet will hit surfaces and objects, and it can’t be helped. However, his walking shoes will help lessen the pain.


  1. Formal shoes

Yes, babies attend formal events as well and they should always dressed up to the occasion – from head to toe. That is why having one or two pairs of formal shoes that goes with his forma outfits is a must. But as always, the shoes should not only look formal but is also age-appropriate. There are sellers who are selling baby girl and baby boy shoes online in Dubai that also offer formal footwear for kids.