Question to Ask Before Renting Storage Facilities

If you are in need of storing your belongings when shifting houses, you should look for viable storage facilities in Dubai. Before you sign the rental agreement with the storage company, here are a few questions you should ask:

Do You Have A Security System In Place?

It’s important to make sure that the facility you are choosing has a strong security system in place, especially if you are storing majority of your costly stuff there. Your unit should be secured with a heavy Padlock or an electronic system so that it cannot be broken into.

How Often Are Your Grounds Patrolled?

While a good monitoring system is probably more important, heavily patrolled premises make you rest easy knowing that your stuff is safe from vandalism and theft.

Does Each Building Have A Smoke Alarm?

While this is common in most storage buildings, it is still good to make sure that each storage building is equipped with a functioning smoke alarm before you rent a facility.

In Case Of Fire, Do You Have A Working Sprinkler System In Place?

You will rest easy knowing that your chosen storage facility takes your safety very seriously. In this case, a sprinkler system in particular will prevent damage from fire.

Will I Have Unlimited Access To The Building?

This question is directly related to how secure the building is. While you will ideally want access to the building anytime you want, you also want to make sure that the facility promises tight security. This question will tell you how difficult it is for people to enter the facility.

 Can This Space Be Rented On A Month-To-Month Basis?

Make sure you ask the company how much notice you will you be required to give before vacating the storage unit. This lets you know how flexible the agreement is, similar to renting an apartment.

Can You Send Me Pictures Of An Empty Unit And Photos Of Your Overall Facility?

While most facilities have photos available on the website, you can even ask them for pictures if they are not available online. This is especially necessary if you find it difficult to visit the facility in person. This lets you glean an idea of the overall setup and size of the unit.

Have You Had Any Break In-s So Far?

You can visit websites and review sites to do your diligent research. This way you can uncover any customer complaints. If you unearth any major issues, you can even ask the company directly to verify them.